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Train the Practitioner: The Next Level

2 hours, 11 minutes
2.5 BACB

“Our major goal is for more clinicians to focus on proactive and safe discipline implementation around the world”

Karin Torsiello, MS, BCBA


I have a bunch of material, but when do I apply it? To whom? To what scale? How? Karin Torsiello discusses the need to refine our interactions with all parties involved in the treatment of a client, emphasizing the steps needed to ensure an effective intervention. By considering successful and unsuccessful outcomes, this CE will provide you with the skillset to identify when an intervention is needed and to what degree. But how do we know what success looks like? Karin Torsiello has got that covered regardless if your audience is caregivers, staff members, or clients. If you are looking to learn how to pinpoint deficiencies in human interaction within a treatment plan, learn how to assess them and how to finally solve them, you are in the right place! 

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Identification of deficiencies within the parties involved in a treatment plan 
  2. Assessment of these deficiencies 
  3. Introduction to the trainer’s manual that opens this program up to large-scale replication 
  4. Identify benefits of choosing this program 
  5.  Effectively communicate with all parties involved in a treatment plan 
  6. Learn how to hire staff and run an orientation to train staff competently the first time 
  7. Identify parental competencies and how to teach and measure 
  8. Learn chosen outcome measure and how and why to collect data 
  9. Learn the service plan for each of the 12 sessions and how to determine competency 
  10. Reinforcement techniques for the completion of competencies 
  11. Learn to identify key elements of a successful case file and organization of a program 
  12. Learn how to teach successfully 


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