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Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Psychotropic Medications: Overview and Considerations for Current Practices

1 hours, 6 minutes
1.0 BACB
Anita Li, PhD, BCBA-D

"59% of BCBA's at the master's level indicated that physicians rarely or never use such data [behavioral data reflecting intended effects of psychotropic medications used by the prescribing physician in making treatment decisions regarding clients]."

Anita Li, PhD, BCBA-D


Typically, the only psychotropic medication knowledge BCBA's have stems from a course they took in their graduate program or learning through their own experiences with clients. It can be difficult to assess the effects of medications on behavior if one does not know the possible common side effects to expect from certain drugs. This CE will provide a general overview of types of psychotropic medications and their side effects, ways to assess the need for psychotropic medication, and how to collaborate with professionals in other disciplines for the client's best interest. Anita Li will elaborate on her own research to discuss the need for interdisciplinary collaboration, especially within the medical field.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Given the specific types of antipsychotics typically prescribed by a doctor as a behavior intervention, you will be able to
    • organize the antipsychotics into typical or atypical categories;
    • list the common side effects of each category.
  2. Given the Aberrant Behavior Checklist, you will be able to
    • identify the five subscales of the checklist;
    • define what the checklist is used for.
  3. With a list of resources in which to acquire information about psychotropic medications, you will be able to
    • identify five limitations of research;
    • list four common combinations of drugs that are typically prescribed;
    • describe strategies to monitor the effectiveness of psychotropic medications and
      • explain points to consider when providing input on evidence-based prescriptions;
      • describe side effects on behavior that may occur with drug administration.


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