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Getting to Know Children in Foster Care

2 hours, 19 minutes
2.5 BACB

“I believe completely that Applied Behavior Analysis is and has been a huge influence in the child welfare arena for many years in the state of Florida. Our positive and productive gains are promising, and we need to compel more behavior analyst clinicians to go out there and replicate this work nationwide.”

Karin Torsiello, MS, BCBA


Children in foster care have had varying life experiences that may impact their behavior. In learning more about their experiential histories, clinicians are better able to pinpoint the contextual variables and functional relations of that child’s environment that have affected their behavior. That information can inform parents who are considering fostering a child. Often, children in the foster care system have experienced numerous caregivers, some adverse experiences, and changing physical environments that impact their development and sense of stability. In this course, Karin Torsiello shares the research on and suggestions for proactive strategies that improve parenting effectiveness and treatment-plan design for children in foster care environments. 

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Torsiello presents some of the key facts and statistics related to foster children, with which you will be able to 
    • identify the need(s) for ABA services;
    • describe transition strategies to support children and parents;
    • change environmental variables that will likely increase desired behavior;
    • assess and treat emotional responding.
  2. When the role of the caregivers is clearly defined, they become empowered to do more for the child. You will learn to help caregivers  
    • implement new interventions;
    • respond appropriately, not emotionally;
    • be actively involved with treatment.


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