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The Behavioral and Ethical Implications of Shame in American Culture: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

2 hours, 2 minutes
2.0 BACB, can be used for BABC ethics

"Shame is a universal emotion experienced by anyone who is breathing and non-sociopathic, so to speak. There are certain environmental conditions that can be predictive as to who in our society will have prolonged or particularly self-altering experiences."

Brené Brown quoted by Darnell Lattal, PhD


Public shaming may be seen as justifiable, whether it be through bully shaming, child shaming, or even dog shaming. Social media has risen to be the most prevalent medium in which to shame others. Judges, schools, parents, and others use it as a consequence to punish behavior; however, there may be additional side effects from using shame. Is using shame always wrong? Dr. Lattal and Mrs. Camp define shame and the types of shame that may be overlooked. They provide popular examples of shame being used as a consequence of unwanted behavior in various settings. They explain the unwanted effects of shaming others and being shamed, but also what types of shaming are shown to be effective and ineffective and ways to predict the effects.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Given the definition of shame, you will be able to
    • state the difference between shame and guilt;
    • identify three examples of shame in different settings;
    • list two types of shame.
  2. Given various methods of shaming, you will be able to
    • identify the methods that are effective or ineffective;
    • list wanted and unwanted effects on
      • being shamed
      • shaming others;
    • explain how certain environmental conditions would be predictors of long-term effects of shame.


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