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Ryan Curran, MS, BCBA

CE Course & Workshop Instructor

Ryan Curran

Ryan has been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2003. He began at FSU in the Performance Management program, then went to FIT for his master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis.  He has been a BCBA since November 2007. His professional experiences have focused both on clinical applications of ABA as well as organizational behavior management. He has developed a passion for targeting clinical objectives by utilizing organizational behavior management methods. In regard to his clinical focus, he has worked with a wide range of populations (age groups, diagnoses, functioning levels, and levels of intensity).

Ryan has held a variety of administrative positions with various clinically focused organizations that have focused on supervising, managing, and coaching additional professionals in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. These positions have included: Lead Analyst, Regional Coordinator, Clinical Director, Director of Behavior Services, and Director of Quality Assurance. Currently, he is a Professional Development Specialist with ABA Technologies, a Co-instructor for the OBM Applied program, and an Adjunct Professor with Florida Institute of Technology. He has a passion for research and is regularly looking for opportunities to apply OBM techniques to address clinical objectives while approaching the matter from a research perspective. He believes that it is important to continue to collaborate with others inside and outside of the field to expand research into real-world applications by maintaining the scientist-practitioner model.