OBM Specialist Certificate

The OBM specialist certificate is ABA Technology's comprehensive course in the concepts methods practical approaches to utilizing the science of organizational behavior management. 

Example of what the course will look like from the student perspective

Students who take this class will engage in the material in a variety of ways, including video explanations, written texts, interactive activities, practice scenarios, and a simulated project. 

The OBM specialist certificate is unique in that it is a comprehensive breakdown of how to identify an organization's wants and needs, how to determine what needs to be focused on, how to decide what needs to be measured, what are the ways to identify and collaborate with project team members, how to conduct an assessment and determine the root cause or causes of an organization's concerns, what are the ways to decide an appropriate intervention, what are the ways to roll out that intervention, and what needs to be put into place to ensure that that intervention remains successful after the project team has moved on to other responsibilities.OBM Applied Book 1

ABA technologies previously had a course called OBM Applied. The OBM Specialist Certificate was developed based on lessons learned from students who participated in the OBM Applied program while learning by doing is an excellent way to learn OBM, appropriate instructions and modeling first are very important as well, seeing examples and non-examples first better prepares the students to be able to modify and use the tools correctly and identify when they need to change what they're doing.

By guiding students to practice and thoroughly understand the material before taking on their own project, we can minimize the difficulty associated with extraneous variables that arise when taking on your own project. The new OBM Specialist Certificate was designed, taking these variables into consideration so that students can better 7 Dimensions of ABA GET A CAB infographicgeneralize the information that they learn and apply these concepts and tools to a larger variety of scenarios. 

Organizational behavior management can help you achieve your goals. As long as your objective is to work with others, to make a meaningful and lasting change within an organization, this course can help you.



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