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It Is Not All about Reinforcement, or Is It? Discriminating between Motivating Operations and Discriminative Stimuli

3 hours, 20 minutes
4.0 BACB

“Reinforcement is one of the most important concepts out there; even antecedent events are directly related to it.”

Jose Martinez-Diaz, PhD, BCBA-D


Reinforcement and its law was a major contributor to the advances made by behavior analysis. However, there is so much more that should be learned regarding contingencies. A better understanding of environmental factors of behavior has aided analysts in analyzing behavior as well as creating treatments for their clients. Antecedent events are just as important as consequences because they directly relate. Including both discriminative stimuli and motivating operations, you will learn about the history of these terms as well as questions to ask yourself when determining which is which and their behavioral influence.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Understand the differences between MO’s that relate to punishment and reinforcement and also understand the unconditioned motivating operation and the various types of conditioned motivating operations


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