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OOPS! 13 Management Practices That Waste Time and Money

1 hours, 20 minutes
1.5 BACB
Aubrey Daniels, PhD

“All organizational systems, processes, and procedures depend on behavior for successful execution.” 

Aubrey Daniels, PhD on the importance of taking a behavior analytic approach to management 


Dr. Aubrey Daniels reviews the fundamental aspects of behavior analysis and how these are important components when implementing behavior analysis in organizations. From Employee of the Month to reorganization, Dr. Daniels describes the problems with common business practices and suggestions for improvements using behavior analysis. 

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. Explain positive reinforcement (effect on behavior, what we know about it, and its long-term effects). 

  1. Identify the 13 practices which waste time and money. 

  1. Describe the problems with ranking employees/groups. 

  1. Explain common problems with current feedback systems (sandwich method, public feedback) and ways to improve these feedback systems. 


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