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Six Common Teaching Mistakes and What to Do Instead

3 hours, 45 minutes
4.5 BACB

Research is absolutely unequivocal in demonstrating the tremendously robust relationship between active engagement making responses relevant to the learning objectives in the lesson. Students who make more responses learn more than students who are passive observers. 

William L. Heward, Ed.D. 


Teachers, behavior analysts, parents, and caregivers are always teaching children something. Do you fall into that category? Once you regularly start teaching children, it’s easy to fall into a rhythm or routine of how and when to teach. We can often put on our blinders and keep doing what we’re doing, while other more effective strategies might be out there. Dr. Bill Heward is aware of this very problem. Take a pause on teaching and join Dr. Heward in this course to learn some evidence-based methods for teaching and how to address common teaching mistakes. 

Learning Checklist

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

Dr. Heward shares six common teaching mistakes and explains how to

  • identify examples of mistakes being committed in a teaching episode;
  • understand the reasons why each mistake is a potential problem;
  • utilize alternative strategies such as Active Student Responding, choral responding, response cards, guided notes, and structured worksheets; 
  • identify examples and non-examples of how to use each strategy;
  • understand why and when to use each alternative strategy.


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