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So, you wrote the perfect behavior plan, now what?

1 hours, 22 minutes
1.5 BACB

To be an effective behavior analyst consultant we have to have the skills to effectively establish and sustain behavior change repertoires into people who are the stakeholders of the behavior plan.

Corey Robertson, MS, BCBA, LBA-NY, LBA-VA


The behavior plan has been created, everything is ready to go, all you have to do is make sure your direct-care staff or parents follow the plan, but how? This presentation reviews the importance of not just targeting client behavior in clinics, but staff behavior as it pertains to service delivery and plan implementation. Specifically, Corey Robertson will address forms antecedent and consequence-based interventions to use to ensure the implementers (staff, parents, teachers) follow the plan you created! This course reviews the literature associated with performance management, the contributions of major studies, and draws upon personal experiences in human service settings to give tips and strategies for managing performance.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. List and give examples of each form of antecedent intervention discussed.
  2. List and give examples of each form of consequence intervention discussed
  3. Explain each of the following studies (IV, DV, method, findings):
  • Parsons, Cash, & Reid (1989).
  • Harchik, Sherman, Sheldon & Strouse (1992)
  • Schepis, Reid, Ownby, and Parsons (2001)
  • Reid, Green, and Parsons (2003)5.Parsons, Rollyson, and Reid (2004)

      4. Give examples of strategies to assist with staff performance (pairing, reinforcement, pinpoints, etc.)


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