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Training in Organizational Behavior Management

2 hours, 44 minutes
3.0 BACB, 2.5 HRCI general or 2.5 SHRM credits
Byron Wine, PhD, BCBA

There is often training that is required to be given.

Byron Wine, PhD, BCBA-D 


Everyone has been through some form of training. Organizations implement training to change a problem, but do so poorly, leaving employees annoyed and lacking new skills. In this course, Dr. Wine will review the environments in which training is needed to be implemented, and how to create and measures objectives.  

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. State the two instances of when to implement training. 

  1. Describe the role of creating and using objectives in training. 

  1. Create examples of strong objectives. 

  1. State and explain methods of measuring training effectiveness. 

  1. Describe the materials needed and behaviors of an effective instructor. 

  1. List and describe each component of Behavioral Skills Training (BST). 

  1. Describe pyramidal training. 

  1. List at least 5 considerations when developing training. 


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