Actively Caring for Your Child


An Evidence-Based Manual for Effective Parenting

This teaching/learning guidebook targets parents and other caregivers and is actually the most important of the teaching/learning manuals in this list. Why, because the content is relevant for almost every human being. Most people have provided or will provide one-to-one care for a child at some point in their lives—from infancy to adolescence—including perhaps long-distance care for an adult son or daughter who questions a career choice, a marriage, or ways to raise their own children. The evidence-based principles illustrated in this 256-page manual can be applied to each of these situations and make the work of caring for children more effective and enjoyable for both caregiver and child.

If caregivers were to routinely practice the seven life lessons elucidated in this teaching/learning manual, children would be healthier, both physically and psychologically, and everyone would be happier and more successful. Indeed, large-scale applications of these principles would improve human welfare in general through enhanced work productivity, environmental sustainability, life satisfaction, and less interpersonal conflict, abuse, and bullying.

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Dr. E. Scott Geller: Throughout his more than 50 years as Professor of Psychology at Virginia Tech, Scott Geller’s mission has been to apply psychological science to enhance human welfare and life satisfaction worldwide.

Dr. Angela K. Fournier: Earned her Ph.D. in clinical science in 2005 under the mentorship of Professor Geller. Dr. Fournier has dedicated her teaching and research to the development and evaluation of large-scale interventions to improve quality of life and well-being.

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