A Good Day's Work


Actionable tools and processes to ensure the ethical behavior that feeds profitable business growth

The path to business success begins with behavior. This book provides tools from the study of ethics, scientific management practices, and behavioral psychology to ensure that ethical behavior is the foundation for workplace practices.

A Good Day's Work delivers strategies to improve the ethical climate for its own sake and achieve business success that supports critically important values necessary for the survival of the broader culture. Everyone, from the mailroom to the boardroom, will benefit.

  • Delivers a comprehensive blueprint for making ethical behavior integral to business processes and performance management 
  • Goes beyond posted codes of conduct to illustrate how daily business practice maintains or impedes doing the right thing in the right way 
  • Provides a decision-making tool to assess business activity against a pragmatic and sound ethical standard 
  • Illustrates how ethical breaches often stem from small missteps and offers techniques for preventing them