OBM Applied! Volume 1


Volume 1 includes Introduction to the OBM Applied! Workbooks Chapter 1 Project Scope – Covers the definition of the project, starting with the business opportunity, then discusses planning the OBM project in terms of scope, key stakeholders and their needs and wants, targeted behaviors and results of the project. Chapter 2 Behavior, Results and Data Tracking – Helps you to specifically identify what results are needed to impact your business opportunity, what behaviors produce those results, and how these things can be measured to allow you to track progress and success.


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The idea behind OBM Applied! is to learn by doing. Our goal is to provide tools, procedures, and exercises that can be adapted to help you meet the performance improvement needs of any organization: from human service settings and schools to Fortune 500 companies and beyond.

Additional Information

Author Manuel Rodriguez
Number of pages Paperback, 94 pages
Printing Prints in 3-5 business days


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