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We Have Exciting News to Share!

ABA Technologies recently launched a new OBM certificate, which incorporates several years of feedback from past, current and prospective students interested in OBM.We would like to thank the students who completed the previous beta test versions of the new certificate. The certificate now includes more videos and activities, and we are continuing to implement more suggestions for improvement.

The OBM Specialist Certificate does not require students to do their own project in their workplace with a sponsor, although they may choose to complete their own project while taking the course. Students will work through application of the material by following two case studies throughout the course and completing activities and discussion questions. 

Our new Project-Based Coaching course is coming soon. In this course, students will be placed in a small cohort of students and assigned to an OBM instructor and coach. Each student will be required to implement an OBM project in their workplace. They will receive coaching and feedback from the OBM instructor and cohort of students as they apply the methods and tools to their project. Students must pass the OBM Specialist Certificate to enroll in the Project-Based Coaching course

After completing the OBM Specialist Certificate, students will be able to better identify a business opportunity in their workplace, define an OBM project that targets the opportunity, gather a project team and gain ongoing organizational support for the project and navigate the project to completion by following the SPACE model (scope, pinpoint, assess, change, embed).


The SPACE model may be compared to six sigma’s DMAIC, as it provides individuals and their project teams with a shared framework, set of tools, process and language to help project teams navigate the application of an OBM project to completion in a way that is understood and supported by organizational stakeholders. Students will receive a fillable PDF toolkit based on the SPACE model in this course.

The course content is split into sections called “Modules”. There are 5 main modules in the course, each dedicated to a different phase of the SPACE model for applying OBM.
To complete the course, students must:
  • Complete all reading, videos, assignments, and the discussion question in each Phase module (Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4, and Phase 5).
  • Submit the Feedback Survey and Course Completion Survey
Students may spend an estimated 2.5 - 4.5 hours per Phase module. The modules will become available to students as the course progresses (i.e., every 10 days a new module opens).

Important Note

In our efforts to disseminate OBM, we have designed this course to be more friendly to individuals who do not have formal training in behavior analysis. The Foundations module is strongly recommended for students who do not have formal training in behavior analysis. Much of the content in this module will be a review of basic concepts for individuals already formally trained in behavior analysis, so the content in this module does not count toward the BACB CEU calculation and it is optional.

Learn More

Be on the lookout for a blog post and podcast that explains more detail about the lessons learned from the current version of the OBM Certificate, and what students can expect in the OBM Specialist Certificate. Finally, please be patient with us as we continue to learn,  provide updates, and add more information to our websites. We believe we will learn a lot from our students during the beta testing period, and these lessons will inform our final version of the OBM Specialist Certificate and its corresponding resources (book, project-based coaching options, etc.

Registration is not open yet. Please check back soon.

Start Date: Summer 2021

Course Close Date: Students must complete all course requirements by September 3 at 11:59 PM EST.

Special Pricing: $895  $650

Continuing Education: 20 BACB Learning CEUs, 3 of which may be used as Supervision CEUs

Student Toolkit: This course comes with a fillable PDF toolkit that includes content and tools that follow our SPACE (Scope, Pinpoint, Assess, Change, Embed) Model for applying OBM.


Allison King, PhD, BCBA

Ryan Curran, MS, BCBA

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