How To Generalize Behaviors

Behaviors are Generalizable if...

Generative learning can occur*
Enhance child and family life
Necessary to the child’s daily life
Essential in building new repertoires
Robust to last over time
Adaptable across settings 
Learning occurs across different trained environments
Interdependence is attainable (involving others and increased independence)
Zeigarnik effect incorporated or counter-controlled** 
Adjustable to societalnorms and values 
Bridges other concepts and skills
Learning occurs in natural environments
Ensures access to other environments and new contingencies 

When practitioners see generalization as “an active process” of teaching, they immediately move from “train and hope” to delivering ABA treatment compassionately, interactively, and bringing about generalized behavior change that is meaningful to the child, parents, and family life as a whole. 

*Generative learning occurs when existing skills enable or accelerate the acquisition of other skills, without direct teaching or reinforcement (Rosales-Ruiz & Baer, 1997).
**Zeigarnik effect (McKinney 1935; Zeigarnik 1927). Incorporated (increase task completion) or counter-controlled to decrease the greater likelihood of remembering an unfinished task than finished tasks which can disrupt completing daily routines.
How to Generalize Behaviors.