The Top 5 Benefits of Collaborative Supervisory Relationships

Building and Sustaining Meaningful and Effective Relationships as a Supervisor and Mentor 

Chapter 1 part 1/2

The power of collaborative relationships. 

Supervision provides the opportunity to establish and maintain meaningful, rewarding, sustained collaborative relationships that enhance the professional growth of both parties. An effective supervisory relationship is:

  • Bi-directional and collaborative: shared goal-setting and feedback
  • Meaningful and sustained
  • A growth experience for both parties
  • A path to mentorship
  • A source of guidance and role models

Benefits for an Effective Supervisor

Happy, committed supervisors understand that the relationship will produce multiple benefits for themselves, such as:

  • Learning new skills
  • Growing as a professional
  • Creating a positive, lasting impact on the profession
  • Renewed enthusiasm and passion for the discipline
  • A fuller and richer professional life

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Building and Sustaining Relationships Supervisor Mentor Infographic Chapter 1 part 1