ABA Technologies Recognized as Top Innovative Company to Watch

November 14, 2022

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA (November 15, 2022)  ABA Technologies, Inc., a behavior-based learning and development company, has been recognized internationally as one of “50 Innovative Companies to Watch,” by The Silicon Review.

With over 20 years of operational success, ABA Technologies continues to deliver premier online academic products, while expanding its reach by incorporating behavior-based learning solutions for its corporate clients. ABA Technologies, in addition to its academic work, provides a robust, science-based methodology about learning to embed for each company and its leaders solutions to ensure their investments in training lead to significant results, measured by desired performance. Utilizing up to date and ever-evolving technologies, the company works with clients worldwide to pinpoint needs and build high-impact skills that address those needs, even in high-risk settings.

Darnell Lattal Silicon ReviewABA Technologies’ President and CEO, Dr. Darnell Lattal, states, "Innovation grounded in the science of learning and embracing new technology are cornerstones of our organization and enable us to deliver our solutions to anyone, anywhere. 

We implement onboarding and upskilling solutions customized to organizations’ unique needs. Solutions are designed to engage increasingly more discerning and time-constrained learners. We connect training outcomes to business results in measurable ways. ABA Technologies values a holistic and evidence-based approach to our clients’ issues. The looming artificial intelligence (AI) environments of the future make our focus on performers' success in this changing landscape vital to us all.

We bring top-tier and cutting-edge solutions for businesses, students, and individuals across the globe. Our carefully selected staff adds considerable integrity to the products and services produced, measured by the specific impact achieved."


About ABA Technologies, Inc.

ABA Technologies was founded in 1997 by Jose A. Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D. BCBA-D (1950-2020), and specializes in delivering customized instructional design and evidence-based learning solutions to industries of all types. The approach is rooted in more than 75 years of research in the science of behavior, with momentum always moving towards the latest in instructional design innovation. ABA Technologies is dedicated to disseminating the science of learning worldwide and customizing experiences for our clients’ and customers’ professional development needs. Learn more: https://abatechnologies.com/


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