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BOOST Bundle 1

5.00 (1 verified customer)
BOOST Bundle 1 is your ultimate mock exam experience. This bundle combines our two full-length mock exams into one comprehensive course designed to help you assess your exam readiness, identify areas of strength and weakness, and review feedback to facilitate understanding.
4 Months
June 3, 2024

What's Included:

  • Two full-length mock exams, each comprising 175 questions
    • Mock Exam A
    • Mock Exam B

What You Get:

  • Exams that closely match the blueprint of the behavior analysis certification exam
  • Expertly crafted questions by professionals in the field
  • Single attempt on each exam with unlimited review of questions and feedback during the access period
  • Overall score for each exam
  • Content area score reports for each section of the BACB® Task List
  • Detailed question-specific feedback to enhance your learning.
  • 350 total mock exam questions with feedback!

Prepare yourself for success with BOOST Bundle 1. Whether you're just beginning your certification journey or looking to fine-tune your skills, our mock exams will provide you with the practice and insights you need to succeed.


5.00 (1 verified customer)

Farah Dadi

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I took both the Mock A and Mock B and the feedback on missed questions was invaluable! I love how closely the Mocks were to the actual exam. When I took exam, I felt like I was taking another mock! I HIGHLY recommend both Mock A & B!
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