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Emotions and Emotional Behavior

3 hours, 12 minutes
3.0 BACB
T.V. Joe Layng, PhD

Emotions are as much a part of the analysis of behavior as observed behavior.

T.V. Joe Layng, PhD


Behavior analysis is commonly focused on the observable behavior. However, private events are an aspect of behavior analysis, including emotions. Dr. Layng details a behavior analytic explanation for emotional behavior. Dr. Layng details the various theories of emotions and emotional behavior, how they relate to behavioral contingencies, and how these contingencies can influence groups of people.  

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. List the main categories of feelings identified by Hacker  

  1. Describe the James-Layng theory  

  1. Explain the implications of the spinning chair study  

  1. Explain distancing contingencies and how they apply to specific emotions  

  1. Explain loss contingencies and how they apply to specific emotions  

  1. Explain nearing contingencies and how they apply to specific emotions  

  1. Describe the Delgado (1967) and the implications on emotional behavior  

  1. Explain the role of social contingencies in the development of emotions  

  1. Explain the combination of social contingencies on decision making and emotions based on a contingency matrix  

  1. List the amplifying effects of bullying  

  1. Describe the contingencies which lead to development of countercultures  

  1. Identify methods of preventing the development of countercultures  


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