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Mainstream Behavior Analysis

3 hours, 18 minutes
4.0 BACB

“The heart of behavior analysis, the heart of the mission Skinner set us on, to bring to the world the notion that the environment plays a tremendous role in the determination of behavior.” 

“Skinner’s initial vision of behavior analysis was that ‘it would be a generic science that could be harnessed and used to address the concerns of people in everyday life, and concerns of all humankind if they involve behavior,’ and clearly that vision has not been realized. It’s my hope that one day it will be.”

Patrick Friman, PhD, ABPP


Practicing behavior analysts are aware of the impact this science and technology have on the welfare and betterment of peoples’ lives.  Whether working with a child with autism or in elderly populations suffering with dementia, behavior analysis can make a difference. Skinner, however, had a much broader vision in mind for what the science could do to address myriad human issues. In this course, Dr. Pat Friman discusses novel applications of behavior analysis, including pediatrics, general childcare, increasing male fertility rate, and environmental sustainability.


Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Behavior analysis can impact children and families of every walk of life, and after an orientation to those applications you will be able to 
    • describe how behavior analysis can enter the pediatric care and mental health space;
    • list and explain the applications to common childhood issues: toilet training, toddler misbehavior, and bedtime resistance; 
    • describe how behavior analysis could address male fertility issues, which affect men worldwide; 
    • list ways behavior analysis can help decrease littering and generate a novel application.


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