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The Ethics of Replacing Free Will With Behavioral Science

Discusses the meaning of the term analysis both generally and within behavior analysis.
1 hours, 0 minutes
1.0 BACB: Ethics
Julie Vargas, PhD

“There is no “free will” in science.”

Julie S. Vargas, PhD


The concept of free will is one discussed both socially and scientifically. Behavior analysis posits there is no free will. Dr. Vargas reviews operant behavior as researched by Skinner, why agency is a poor explanation of behavior, and proposes alternative explanations for behaviors. Dr. Vargas then discusses punishment and its effects and offers an alternative method of reducing an undesirable behavior.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. List the 3 controls of behavior.
  2. Explain why agency is a poor explanation of behavior.
  3. Describe some of the effects of using punishment (on the person using and the person receiving the punishment).
  4. State a better method to reduce undesirable behavior.


This CE is presented by Dr. Julie Vargas, daughter of B.F. Skinner. 100% of the proceeds of this CE are going to the B.F. Skinner Foundation.

BF Skinner Foundation


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