Fluency Flashcards BEH 5042/BEH 5051 (Set 5)


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Fluency Flashcards
BEH 5042/BEH 5051 (Set 5)

These Fluency Flashcards are a special type of flashcards called SAFMEDSSay All Fast a Minute Everyday Shuffled. SAFMEDS were developed by Drs. Ogden Lindsley and Steve Graf in the 1970s. They are intended to help students master key terminologies, concepts, and skills with accuracy and speed also called fluency. When students have greater facility with foundational concepts and skills, they are able to more easily apply those in new and different situations.

This set of over 400 cards includes material from the Conceptual Analysis of Behavior for ABA Practitioners (BEH 5042) and Advanced Personnel Supervision and Management (BEH 5051) courses taught at Florida Tech. While the cards are designed for these courses, they are a great tool for those completing coursework elsewhere and for those preparing for BACB certification exams who want to improve their fluency in the conceptual analysis of behavior as well as management and supervision practices used in applied behavior analysis.


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