Organizational and Time Management (OTM) Skills Part 1

Organizational and Time Management (OTM) Skills

Remember To:

  1. Self-assess your OTM skills
  2. Assess trainee’s OTM skills
  3. Expressly teach OTM skills

Planning and Time Management for Projects and Tasks

  • Break projects and task into smaller actionable steps
  • List out materials needed (plan extra time of new materials need to be obtained or created)
  • Create a timeline (e.g., terminal due date and due dates for each step)
  • Estimate time to complete each step
    • Tip — slightly overestimate to build in some wiggle room and still meet the due dates
  • Schedule time in calendar to complete tasks
    • Tip — schedule activities at optimal times (e.g., to minimize distractions and maximize needed functions like focus or creativity) 

Critical Strategy for Becoming a Master of Time and Task Management: regularly schedule and protect think time (i.e., time to take a breath, reflect, and think about people and projects) and planning time (e.g., review your calendar, projects, and tasks) at least weekly.

The Lift Chapter 8 Part 1 Infographic