Learning From Experts & Self Management

Building and Sustaining Meaningful and Effective Relationships as a Supervisor and Mentor Chapter 6

“Learning through observing, without also engaging in careful discrimination and self-evaluation, could lead to defective repertoires and ineffective practice.” 

Supervisors should expressly teach trainees how to engage in observational learning to facilitate growth and development well past the supervisory relationship.

Learning by Observing Others

  • Identify an expert
    • consistently and reliably produces valued outcomes
    • contextually appropriate responses consistent with behavior analytic strategies/technologies
    • conceptualizes and narrates within behavior analytic framework
  • Attend to the performance
    • What worked?
    • Why?
    • Consider cultural responsiveness and humility
  • Intentionally imitate responses and processes modeled

  • Self-evaulate performance against outcome and exemplar and adjust as needed


Building and Sustaining Relationships Supervisor Mentor Chapter 6