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Vincent Bello is a current graduate student at Florida Institute of Technology in the master’s program for organizational behavior management. Vince received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from West Virginia University in 2019 after conducting research in the experimental analysis of behavior animal research lab under the supervision of Dr. Michael Perone. In the animal lab, Vince became fascinated with the science of behavior and the methodological procedures used when conducting research. During his senior year, he completed an honors thesis, in which he conducted an independent research project assessing the punitive effects of shock as a function of the rate of reinforcement using rats as subjects. Vince’s current research interests include performance management, systems analysis, and behavioral leadership. Professionally, Vince is interested in behavioral consulting, project management, and organizational process design.

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What do OBM Professionals Do? OBM Series

Part 7 of 7“An [Organizational Behavior Management (OBM)] professional could work in any industry, in any organization, and on any problem or goal important to that organization”Dr. Allison King, BCBA & Kelly Therrien, MS, BCBA 
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Behavior Systems Analysis (BSA)

Behavioral Systems Analysis (BSA) provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring that organizational changes translate to sustainable business results.
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Behavior Based Safety (BBS)

BBS is an approach to occupational risk management that uses the science of behavior to increase safe behavior and reduce workplace injuries
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Performance Management Tool Kit

PM focuses on improving behavior AND results to ensure change in individual behavior leads to change in bottom-line metrics.
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Training and Development

Can't do or won't do? Training solves can't do performance problems. Employees who can't do the skill even if they wanted to need training to develop that skill. Training is not the best solution for won't do problems!
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Performance Management: OBM Series

Part 3 of 7OBM Prerequisite Skills: OBM SeriesBehavior-Based SafetyPerformance ManagementBehavioral Syst
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Leadership & Culture in OBM

OBM SERIES: Part 6 of 7By: Shauna V. Costello & Vincent Bello “All organizational results are the product of human behavior.”Aubrey C. Daniels and Jon S. Bailey
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OBM Prerequisite Skills: OBM Series

Part 1 of 7Organizational behavior management (OBM) is a growing field that is bringing the science of behavior to the business world. “OBMers” have demonstrated over the last several decades that a science-based approach to increasing employee performance leads to powerful organizational results. These results have been well documented throughout the specialty areas of OBM. According to the…
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Professional Development through Animal Research

Behavior analysis today gets most of its mainstream recognition for the work being done in applied settings, referred to as applied behavior analysis (ABA). The progress of behavior analytic applications has been important for the dissemination of the science and even better for the clients across the world who require behavioral services. As a result, it is no surprise that more research than…
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