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Part 2: Mock Exams for BCBA® Exam Prep

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Becoming a BCBA is an increasingly challenging and long road for many applicants. This journey culminates with the BCBA® Exam. The BCBA® Exam assesses the minimum competencies required of an entry-level BCBA. The exam is administered by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB), an accredited non-profit organization whose mission is to protect consumers of behavior-analytic services through certification or practitioners. The BCBA exam, though only one step in meeting certification requirements, is a significant milestone on the path to board certification. 

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Understanding the BCBA Exam

There are many myths about the BCBA exam, so it is best to avoid the rumor mill and stick to the facts. The BCBA exam is a criterion-referenced exam to determine those who are and are not minimally competent in the concepts, principles, procedures, and ethics of behavior analysis practice. 

BCBA Exam Information

The BCBA exam is built based on a publicly available Test Content Outline (TCO) and exam blueprint. Exam questions are written by teams of volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and all questions go through rigorous review and pilot testing before becoming "real" exam questions. All exam questions are multiple-choice, with only one correct response. There are 185 items on the BCBA exam, and students are given four hours to complete the exam.

Preparing for the BCBA Exam

Given the weight of the BCBA Exam, it is no wonder that many students find this step in the process incredibly intimidating.  BOOST Exam Prep by ABA Technologies, Inc. seeks to help students determine their exam readiness, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and fill in gaps in their behavioral repertoires that may prevent them from successfully completing the BCBA exam and entering the field of behavior analysis. 

Meeting this goal requires much action and support. One piece of the puzzle that will benefit students is our blog series, Tackling the Test-BCBA Exam Prep. This series will provide important information on many aspects of exam prep, from determining an initial baseline through taking the exam. Blog topics will include the following:A student taking the BCBA Exam

  • Tackling the Test- BOOST BCBA Exam Prep Blog Series
  • Mock Exams for BCBA® Exam Prep
  • Self-Management Strategies for Effective BCBA® Exam Prep
  • Study Methods that Work: 8 Study Strategies for the BCBA® Exam 
  • Beyond Rote Memorization—The Importance of Fluency in BCBA® Exam Prep 
  • Mastering Test-taking—Strategies for the BCBA Exam 
  • Managing BCBA Exam Test Anxiety
  • Tips for BCBA Exam Day Success
  • Why BACB® Program Pass Rates Matter 
  • Finding the Right Fit—BCBA® Exam Prep Products

Look for these blogs, other free content, and exam prep products on the BOOST webpage.

Conquering the BCBA Exam

Becoming a BCBA is a challenging endeavor. The BCBA Exam is a hurdle that everyone must pass for entry into the field, and thus, it often results in much stress and anxiety. However, with an understanding of the test, how to utilize mock exams, self-management, a comprehensive study plan, strategies for testing and managing anxiety, and the right educational resources, you can confidently approach the BCBA exam.  Remember, though the BCBA exam is the entry gate, the skills and knowledge you acquire to pass the test will also help you excel early in your career. Don’t let the exam be a barrier; let it be your springboard.

Disclaimer: BOOST ABA Exam Prep products and services are offered independently of the BACB®. BOOST staff represent ABA Technologies, Inc. and are not affiliated with the BACB®







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