What Can You Expect from ABA Services?

by Megan Galban
It can be overwhelming for a family when their child receives behavioral services for the first time. In the beginning, much is unknown, and it’s going to take some adjustment. Now imagine this situation: your child has just been diagnosed with autism or another behavioral deficit, and you’re provided with a list…

The R.E.A.L. Gift for Behavior Analysts

The R.E.A.L. Model, Recreating Environments to Accelerate Learning. A behavioral framework to teach for generalization–comprehensive, systematic, and works within any ABA program based on a strong behavior analytic foundation.

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Generalization

Generalization – What More is There to Learn?Generalization is one of those areas in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that is critical to the success of any child, student, and adult with autism or autism spectrum disorder.

COVID-19 Survival Guide for Caregivers

by Evelyn Kendall, MA
It’s COVID-19, and everyone is talking about new shows to binge-watch or new hobbies to start. How nice.

When in Doubt, Make a Cumulative Record

by Andy Lattal, PhD
Contrary to a popular myth among many behavior analysts, Skinner invented neither the cumulative record nor the cumulative recorder. The origins of cumulative frequency plots, as they were known, date back to at least a couple of centuries ago, and now appear frequently in popular media.

Immedium and Procrastinium: A Fable in Waiting

by Andy Lattal, PhD
 Once upon a time, there were twins named Immedium and Procrastinium. As their names might suggest, the two approached tasks very differently. When a deadline was assigned, Procrastinium’s first reaction was to do something else, while Immedium started on it and soon got it done, PDQ, kazaam, what’s next?

Treating Dangerous Behavior

by Andy Lattal, PhD
Dangerous behavior simply can’t be ignored. The person engaging in it is going to either hurt herself or someone else if it continues. Saying that is easy, knowing what to do about it is a rabbit hole. At what point does the behavior become more than “disruptive” and cross the “dangerous” threshold?

Psychology Spectrum Disorder (PSD)

by Andy Lattal, PhD
In a famous article entitled “Are Theories of Learning Necessary,” published in 1950, 

Pragmatism and Playing Well with Others

by Andy Lattal, PhD
Many applied behavior analysts find themselves in a different world from that in which they were trained. Most are trained by other behavior analysts in programs or even departments where the principal worldview is that of behavior analysis.

Measuring Thoughts

by Andy Lattal, PhD
“Neuroscientists Decode Brain Speech Signals into Written Text

Psychopharmacology is Behavioral Pharmacology

An Interview With Tom Freeman, Senior VP of ABA Technologies, Inc.