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Advanced Topics in Functional Analysis

4 hours, 32 minutes
5.0 BACB

“Functional Analysis is more than just arranging these conditions and measuring behaviors. A lot of other stuff goes into it. So, I don’t want to sit here and promote the notion that anyone can do it. You should have specialized training to conduct a Functional Analysis.”

Iser DeLeon, PhD, BCBA


Conducting a Functional Analysis (FA) may seem intimidating and almost make you want to engage in avoidance behavior, trying every other solution before resorting to doing one. Dr. DeLeon addresses behaviors that are difficult to assess and how to assess them. In doing so, he expands on how to determine functions with different topographies of behavior, determining a function with multiple topographies, and how to graph data obtained from a functional analysis. Referencing several studies to empirically support the ideas being shared, he discusses how to conduct functional analyses in both early intervention settings and to test the effects of medication. This helps gain a deeper understanding of how to conduct FAs that may stray from the standard FA and how to train others to do so as well. 

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Given descriptions of difficult-to-assess behavior, you will be able to
    • identify two types of difficult to assess behavior and describe two ways to assess each type;
    • describe two things to consider in FAs with young children;
    • identify two examples used to evaluate medication effects using an FA.
  2. Given definitions of combined and separate topographies, you will be able to
    • explain how to graph and interpret FA data;
    • identify an example of
      • multiple topographies within a topographical category,
      • multiple topographies within a response class.
  3. Given procedures of training others to conduct FAs, you will be able to
    • identify four areas of training that are necessary to conduct FAs.


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