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Working Ethically and Effectively within the School System: The Dos, Don’ts and Ethical Considerations Every BCBA Should Know

1 hours, 15 minutes
1.5 BACB, Can be used for BACB Ethics

“It is also not uncommon for those in mental health or other school personnel to put behavior systems in place on their own. You will need to try and work on building rapport with these staff first prior to trying to change what they may have set out to do.”

Nicole Postma, MS, BCBA


Collaborating with school personnel is not easy. There are many other parameters, schedules, and opinions to consider. Creating and implementing an effective Individualized Education Plan (IEP) can be confusing for parents, behavior analysts, and teachers alike. Nicole Postma will review the Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) tier model that many local school districts use. With this system, there is a referral process before obtaining an IEP for a student. Behavior analysts working in schools or with students who have IEPs should know how to navigate IEP referrals, IEP meetings, placement options, and IDEA provisions. Nicole Postma will not only review these topics but will also give tips and strategies for being most effective in the school setting while adhering to the BACB Code of Ethics.

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. Given the 3 tiers of the PBIS tier model you will be able to
    • describe the referral process;
    • identify the steps for acquiring an IEP.     
  2. Given examples of issues that may arise concerning IEP implementation you will
    • identify 3 school-based strategies;
    • define the role of a BCBA ethically;
    • describe what is not part of a BCBA’s role.


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