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Behavior-Based Safety: Design Team

2 hours, 36 minutes
3.0 BACB
Terry McSween, PhD
February 28, 2024


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This course explores the how and why of each step in the Behavior-Based Safety process, from conducting your initial safety assessment to producing an effective safety plan ready to implement.

It will guide you through how to  assemble a design team of volunteers, develop a safety checklist, design a data system, train your employee observers, plan ways to celebrate success, and develop a plan for maintaining the success of your BBS program that aligns with your organization’s values.

Learning Checklist

Participants will learn:

  • Identify the elements of Values-Based Safety®

  • Explain why a behavioral approach works

  • Identify and pinpoint behaviors

  • Create a "preliminary design" for a VBS® process, including: observation process, data system, training plans, recognition, and implementation

  • Establish goals and solutions for maintaining the VBS® Process


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