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BBS Essentials®: An Introduction to Safety Basics

0 hours, 34 minutes
0.5 BACB
Terry McSween, PhD

The purpose of this course is to introduce learners to BBS Essentials®—the basics of behavior-based safety and the process of Values-Based Safety®, and the behavior-analytic principles that underlie both.. 

This sequence gives learners an understanding of what behavior-based safety is—how it works, why it works, and how it is implemented in Values-Based-Safety®, a proprietary process developed by Quality Safety Edge, an industry leader in behavior-based safety solutions. 

This introductory course is appropriate for learners from diverse professional backgrounds—business leaders, frontline workers, OBM consultants, safety professionals, behavioral practitioners—who want to learn about behavior-based safety and how they can apply it in their work or workplace. 

Learning Checklist

  • Why improving workplace safety and safety culture matters 
  • What the most common workplace safety challenges are
  • What a safety plateau is
  • What behavior-based safety is and how it can help you move past a safety plateau
  • What scientific evidence we have to show the effectiveness of behavior-based safety 
  • What Values-Based-Safety® is 
  • Who participates in the Values-Based-Safety® process
  • What the key steps are in implementing Values-Based-Safety® 
  • How Values-Based-Safety® improves workplace culture and safety outcomes
  • What common mistakes to avoid when implementing Values-Based-Safety® 
  • What next steps to take to implement Values-Based-Safety® in your workplace


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