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Behavior-Based Safety: Observations and Feedback

1 hours, 20 minutes
1.5 BACB, 1.3 IBAO
February 2, 2023


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Anyone implementing or seeking to implement a behavior-based safety process requires training in conducting BBS observations and feedback. This comprehensive course explores each step and nuance of the so-called “heart and soul” of the behavior-based safety process, and reifies learning by inviting students to apply their new skills to everyday safety situations.

This course includes basic behavior-analytic concepts in the context of safety and is recommended for individuals who have taken the introductory course or otherwise have a general understanding of the behavior-based safety process.

Learning Checklist

  • Learn the key characteristics of BBS observation and feedback
  • Learn how and why to harness the power of positive feedback
  • Learn what behavior is (and isn’t)
  • Learn how to perform a safety observation
  • Learn how to use and complete a safety checklist
  • Learn how to give feedback
  • Learn how to handle opposition
  • Learn how observations and feedback help build support for your BBS process


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