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How to Begin Lean: 5S in Your Workplace Members

1 hours, 36 minutes
1.5 BACB
Michael McCarthy

“What behaviors to reinforce are easier to spot in a 5S workplace?

Michael McCarthy, M. Ed., on how to begin to Lean in your workplace 



Michael McCarthy starts this course by discussing why we should implement 5S in the workspace and how 5S follows behavioral practices. 5S helps reduce the 7 wastes of Lean in an organization and improves both the work process and the work outcome. He further explains that the term 5S derives from the Japanese words for each step and the resulting clean, orderly workplace with labeled tools, posted work instructions, and a Kanban flow (in and out sequence). Subsequently, he discusses how the 5S ideal would be a workplace where a new hire could follow the posted work instructions and work- sequence flow with minimal training and that anything wrong or out of place would be noticeable immediately and lead to immediate correction (visual management).  Lastly, Michael McCarthy explains that the status of work completion can be assessed at a glance (flow) and describes the behavioral processes involved in these Lean concepts.  


Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. Identify the purpose (intended outcome) for each step of the 5S 

  1. Describe how to complete each step of the 5S 

  1. Describe an example and nonexample of each 5S step in use 

  1. Describe how one will know each 5S step worked as intended (success) 

  1. List the benefits of a 5S workplace 


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