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Leading Lean/Six Sigma in Healthcare: Making the Changes Last

2 hours, 34 minutes
3.0 BACB
Michael McCarthy

Healthcare is characterized by waiting . . . in Lean waiting = muda, and muda means waste. Reducing waste is the primary goal of Lean.

Michael McCarthy, MEd 


Michael McCarthy describes how to integrate OBM Sustain practices into the leadership of Lean/Six-Sigma for healthcare with the goal of making lasting change. He describes the resulting decrease in the need for leader retraining, retelling and restarting programs and the benefit of leaders spending less time in crisis management and having more time to seek out new opportunities for improvement versus time spent struggling to keep old process changes going. 

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. Identify how the purpose of Lean can be applied to healthcare 
  2. Identify how Lean process-improvement tools can apply to healthcare 
  3. Analyze how changed healthcare processes require reinforcement of new behaviors 
  4. List reasons healthcare process improvements fail to be sustained 
  5. List the steps a leader can take to sustain healthcare process improvements 
  6. Practice creating a new process checklist 
  7. Practice reinforcing behaviors listed on the checklist 


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