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Train the Practitioner TTP

6 hours, 41 minutes
8.0 BACB


In this presentation, practitioners will be learning how to use The Secrets of Modern Parenting (SMP) instructional DVD series in their ABA clinical practice as an instructional tool. This presentation will aid in creating an understanding of a “softer packaging” of a hard science and how to present information in an easily digestible format to your intended audience. 

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  • Learn how to get parents to execute the behavior change procedures the clinician wants to see
  • Identify challenges practitioners face and how to work around these roadblocks to success
  • Identify skill deficits of caregivers and children and how to overcome them
  • Understand description of populations in which this teaching style has been successful
  • Learn the following SMP skills to improve the clinician’s parent-training practice:
    • Building relationships: the cornerstone of The Secrets of Modern Parenting
    • How to reduce children's maladaptive behaviors to gain attention inappropriately
    • How to gain compliance in the home; turn "no" into "yes"
    • The four major reasons children are not compliant
    • How to end arguing; put an end to arguing in the home
    • How to eliminate the triggers for arguing
    • How to eliminate lying and promote truthfulness
    • How to extinguish tantrums and put an end to them altogether
    • How to end backtalk and disrespect
  • Learn successful teaching methods
  • Incorporate the SMP teaching model with families
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in parent-child relationships and how this affects behavior change
  • Translate ABA into layman’s terms
  • Learn common pitfalls that in parents’ behavior that damage relationships and replacement behaviors for the parent
  • Use the ABCs to change parent behavior


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