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Janis Allen is the author of numerous books, including Performance Teams: Creating the Feedback Loop; I Saw What You Did & I Know Who You Are: Bloopers, Blunders, & Successes in Giving and Receiving Recognition (with Gail Snyder); and You Made My Day: Creating Co-Worker Recognition & Relationships (with Michael McCarthy)


Allison King earned her Ph.D. in behavior analysis at Florida Tech in 2017. She spent the majority of her graduate career conducting research and practicing in the area of organizational behavior management. She is passionate about getting creative with the science of behavior: connecting its concepts to other ideas, applying it to new areas, and using that very science to improve how we share it with the world.

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The typical performance appraisal is DDDD: Dreaded, Delayed, Done under Duress. Supervisors’ least favorite and most procrastinated task can be transformed into an ongoing source of feedback and positive reinforcement, spearheaded by the employee.

This book is a “how-to” that includes six steps to successfully implement the performance scorecard with practical don’ts and dos for coaching and giving positive reinforcement. This book is a field guide for both supervisors and employees.

You will put its practical examples to work for you the same day, and every day!

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7 reviews for From Boo-Hiss to Bravo

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    Mike McCarthy -Author of Sustain Lean Gains

    “As the date for the annual performance review approaches, employees feel dread. What bad news surprise awaits them? Janis Allen’s how-to book on behavior-based scorecards removes the dread.

    When you and your boss are tracking your performance monthly, there are no surprises. You get a chance to do better long before the end of the year. And your boss is helping you. What could be better?”

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    Sandra Hayes, Manager of Professional Development BMW North America Manufacturing

    “I can sum up Janis as someone who makes you feel as though you got more than what you paid for! I believe that you will truly be pleased with her work.”

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    Jim deGraffenreid, CEO First Service Networks

    “The practices Janis teaches and integrates so well are transferable into increased productivity, enhanced profitability, and behaviors found in world-class organizations.”

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    Michael Shore, CEO First Light Solar Energy

    “Your classes are making us better managers.”

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    Alberto Giardina, Vice President of Manufacturing Morganton Pressure Vessels, LLC

    “I recommend Janis’ courses to everyone interested in improving teamwork and leadership skills. The result is guaranteed.”

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    Tommy Moon, Sr. Vice President, Stephens Federal Bank

    “Our improved customer ratings have proven the worth of your training.”

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    Russell Justice

    TOP 10 GEMS of From Boo-Hiss to Bravo!

    1. “Bottom-up” Scorecards (xvi)
    2. Promising to use the first 3 months as a “doesn’t count” trial with no negative consequences. (19)
    3. Be excruciatingly specific so the person will know exactly what to do again. (77)
    4. Performance measurement isn’t reserved for the end of the year or quarter but proudly tracked, posted, and achieved by the person most in control – the PERFORMER -the person whose performance is being measured. (xix)
    5. We know the difference between reinforcement and gifts. Reinforcement is an action following a behavior intended to increase that behavior’s frequency and strength. Gifts are actions or items given non-contingently – just because we want to do something good for someone, with no connection to behavior. (71)
    6. Ask the person if he would like to teach someone the skill you’ve reinforced? (81)
    7. The principle goes for tangible items: coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, gift certificates, etc. When such items are not PAIRED (given together) with specific, personal comments about the person’s behavior, they lose their reinforcement value. (67)
    8. Use “positive gossip” (telling a 3rd person about an individual’s good performance). (82)
    9. Benefits include — Discovering what not to measure, which often happens first when setting goals. This experience leads us to the correct measure. (19)
    10. Useful phrases for coaching to create and score. These are very good. (57-58)

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