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Performance Scorecards: Design, Implementation, and Reinforcement

2 hours, 19 minutes
2.5 BACB
Janis Allen

No news is not good news. There is no improvement without feedback.

Janis Allen, BA


Performance appraisal can sometimes be tough. Designing and implementing performance scorecards can be difficult if you are unclear about which behaviors to measure. In this course, Janis Allen brings you through the process of development and implementation of the performance scorecard, making it an objective tool for conducting a performance appraisal. Janis Allen discusses the advantages of using an objective measuring tool vs. a subjective tool. Key performance indicators for individuals are defined as part of the essential components for the scorecard, which is created jointly by the supervisor and the appraisee. Lastly, Janis Allen discusses coaching and positive reinforcement as essential elements in the implementation of the scorecard.    

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. Identify the purpose of a performance measuring tool or appraisal 

  1. List the advantages of objective tools 

  1. Initiate the development of a performance scorecard from scratch with an individual supervisee 

  1. Identify ways to involve the appraisee in the development of his or her scorecard 

  1. Learn the five-step model to jointly build the scorecard over time 

  1. Identify potential pitfalls and causes for resistance from the appraisee and how to prevent or overcome them 

  1. Identify methods to coach the appraisee to calculate and post initial trial scores 

  1. Analyze performance data to adjust goals on the scorecard 

  1. Identify specific supervisee behaviors which should be reinforced 

  1. List ways to develop a reinforcement plan 


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