The Supervisor's Mentor Tree

Understanding Past and Current Supervisory and Mentored Relationships

Building and Sustaining Meaningful and Effective Relationships as a Supervisor and Mentor Chapter 3 part 2/3

This tree represents the influences on your learning journey to become the supervisor you are today. Continued reflection and purposeful self-evaluation can help you ensure that your tree continues to have healthy growth in the right direction.

Trunk and central branches are the primary early influencers on your supervisory practices

Acorns (on the ground) represent those you do or will supervise or mentor.

Roots are formative influencers

  • Don’t just put in the “best” examples, be honest
  • What was effective and/or ineffective about their supervision/mentorship?
  • What did you learn?
  • If their influence was positive, have you let them know?
Building and Sustaining Relationships Supervisor Mentor chapter 3 part 3/3 infographic