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Evolution of the BACB ethical guidelines and standards to the code

4 hours, 1 minutes
4.5 BACB, can be used for BABC ethics

“This presentation has provided an analysis on the differences between the guidelines and code elements.”

Thomas Freeman, MS, BCBA


Knowledge of ethical guidelines is an essential component when practicing as a BCBA or completing any form of behavior analytic services or consultations. Thomas Freeman reviews the history of ethical guidelines and codes in ABA, how they have changed, and comparisons between the current ethical guidelines and codes to the previous editions. Dr. Martinez-Diaz then reviews the newest addition to the code, element 10.0, and provides examples of violations within the newest code element.   

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward

  1. List the 4 former sections of the ethical guidelines and disciplinary procedures 
  2. Explain the workgroup’s two goals 
  3. Describe the structural changes within the guidelines and code 
  4. Describe the 5 main types of differences 
  5. Describe some additional differences between Guideline 1.0 Responsible Conduct of a Behavior Analyst and Code Element 1.0 Responsible Conduct of Behavior Analysts 
  6. Describe some of the differences between Guideline 2.0 The Behavior Analyst’s Responsibility to Clients and Code Element 2.0 Behavior Analysts’ Responsibility to Clients  
  7. Compare the Guideline 3.0 Assessing Behavior and Code Element 3.0 Assessing Behavior 
  8. Compare the Guideline 4.0 The Behavior Analyst and the Individual Behavior Change Program and Code 4.0 Behavior Analysts and the Behavior Change Program  
  9. Describe some of the differences between Guideline 5.0 The Behavior Analyst as Teacher and/or Supervisor and Code 5.0 Behavior Analysts as Supervisors  
  10. Describe the removal of guidelines 6.0 
  11. Describe some of the differences between Guideline 7.0 The Behavior Analyst’s Ethical Responsibility to the Field of Behavior Analysis and Code 6.0 Behavior Analysts’ Ethical Responsibility to the Profession of Behavior Analysis  
  12. State some of the differences between Guideline 8.0 The Behavior Analyst’s Ethical Responsibility to Colleagues and Code 7.0 Behavior Analysts’ Ethical Responsibility to Colleagues 
  13. Explain the differences between Guideline 10.0 The Behavior Analyst and Research and Code 9.0 Behavior Analysts and Research 
  14. List the differences between The Guidelines and The Disciplinary and Ethical Standards and Disciplinary Procedures versus Code 10.0 Behavior Analysts’ Ethical Responsibility to the BACB  
  15. Explain each sub-element of Code element 10.0 
  16. Provide examples and non-examples of violations of sub-elements within Code element 10.0 


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