Manage Your Time Like It's All You've Got!

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Behavioral Tools that Get Stuff Done

Authors: Janis Allen, Shauna CostelloAllison King

We can choose and control much of the way we spend our time. We don’t have to go wherever the wind pushes us. Like a skilled sailboat captain, we can harness the wind to take us where we want to go.

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You will find practical tools in this book for using your own antecedents, behaviors, and consequences.

We can

  • Control our own behavior and influence others’ behavior.
  • Choose which behaviors in others that we reinforce, re-direct, or extinguish.
  • Align our activities with our values and goals.
  • Assertively balance our work and personal time.
  • Understand our personal energy and schedule our activities to match it.
  • Say no.
  • Streamline meetings and email communication.
  • Engage the people around us to support our time-management goals and be better managers of their own time.

If any of these tools seem to you like a drastic change, no need to commit to using it forever; just try it as a try. If it works for you, you have a new tool. When these tools work, you’ll be minimizing time-wasting and maximizing behaviors that use your time like it’s all you’ve got. It is.

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5.00 (1 verified customer)

Jessica Pavia

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To the reader’s benefit, these three authors are clear-eyed thinkers grounded in the science of behavior, giving us all a chance to address the tips and strategies they offer against a plan for self-improvement. Look for the pink folder as you read this book. Consider the sage advice and how the owner of that folder’s story is a clear demonstration of managing time to reflect a life of accomplishment and caring, a life of purpose that gives joy. See if this book can help you increase the kind of impact on your world that you want to have, bringing you a feeling of satisfaction that today, and every day, you used time for good cause. What’s in your pink folder?
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