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Responsibility, Authority, and Delegating for Supervisors

1 hours, 46 minutes
2.0 BACB
Janis Allen

Working to match authority with responsibility can be done by first understanding the meaning of responsibility and authority.

Janis Allen, BA 


Struggling with delegation of tasks as a supervisor with insufficient time on your hands? Join Janis Allen in this course to learn how to responsibly delegate and assign authority to staff. Janis Allen teaches supervisors (new or experienced) how to pinpoint and measure the performances they are responsible and accountable for delivering. Additionally, she proceeds to teach methods to clarify the authority they have to make and implement decisions. Lastly, she discusses how to develop their supervisees by teaching them new tasks and coaching them to become successful in performing those tasks.    

Learning Objectives

What you’ll learn in the course and be able to do afterward 

  1. Pinpoint measurable performance areas for which the supervisor is responsible/accountable 

  1. List situations in which a decision is expected 

  1. List specific decisions supervisors are authorized to make by the manager 

  1. Identify new tasks to delegate for supervisees to learn and perform 

  1. Identify the supervisor’s own barriers to delegating and ways to overcome those barriers 

  1. Learn tools for coaching supervisees to perform the new tasks 

  1. Learn positive reinforcement skills to help supervisees master new tasks and improve their performance 


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