Thought Leaders 018 - Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz - Part 2

This month on Operant Innovations - Thought Leaders, we are back with Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz as he answers the questions "Where do you see the field going?" and/or "Where would he like to see the field go?" as he dives into The Constructional Approach and asks us to continue to better practices and our field!


For more on The Constructional Approach:

Glenn, S.S. Retrospective on Goldiamond’s “Toward a Constructional Approach to Social Problems”. Behav. Soc. Iss. 11, 202–203 (2002).

Goldiamond, I. Toward a Constructional Approach to Social Problems: Ethical and Constitutional Issues Raised by Applied Behavior Analysis. Behav. Soc. Iss. 11, 108–197 (2002).


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