ABAI 2024 Recap with Jared Van

In today’s episode of Operant Innovations, Maddie Duke, M.S., BCBA, speaks with Jared Van, M.S., BCBA, about his experience at ABAI 2024. The conversation spans a variety of topics related to the conference, from best moments to missed opportunities and a recap of the Critical Friends of ABA movement. Listeners will also get a sneak peek into Jared’s presentation on measurement issues and precision teaching.

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Shawn Capell (Privilege Talk) IG: @loose_2_win

Psych Core on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@PsychCore

Brian Middleton IG: @beardedbehaviorist 

Dr. Kristyn Peterson IG: @aba_in_the_wild

The Psychobabbles IG: @thepsychobabblebcba

Behavior Jawn IG: @behaviorjawn

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