Operant Innovations 045 | Open Educational Resources in Behavior Analysis Part 1

This episode is worth 0.5 BACB Ethics CEs 


A common issue we encounter as practitioners is accessing resources we need to develop effective programs, teach future behavior analysts, and expand on our own understanding within the field. When we hear the term “open educational resources,” there are many different ideas that come to mind, including questions regarding the validity of these resources. After an introduction to what Open Educational Resources are, misconceptions about them and the impact that they have on improving accessibility of education in behavior analysis are discussed. Open Educational Resources are one way we are making the science that is about everyone, for everyone and breaking down systemic barriers in the field.

Learning Checklist

  1. State the components and definition of open educational resources (OERs).

  2. Describe the impact OERs have on fostering accessibility of behavior analysis.

  3. Explain how to identify quality OER resources. 

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