The Lift 019 | Month 2: Consulting & New Supervisor Workbooks

The Podcast

Linda LeBlan and Tyra Sellers

Linda A. LeBlanc, PhD, BCBA-D

Tyra P. Sellers, JD, PhD, BCBA-D


Join Dr. Linda LeBlanc and Dr. Tyra Sellers as they continue to work through the Consulting & New Supervisor Workbooks and the relationships and training that go along with this. This month they will be reviewing how things have been going and planning for an ongoing relationship.

The Book

Supervisor and Mentor book back cover

The book focuses on the importance of strong relationships and teaching higher-order skills throughout any supervisory endeavor. The authors provide a conceptually sound set of supervision practices that will guide the actions of those who aspire to become better supervisors or mentors at any point in their careers.


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